Our Philosophy

Music lessons are meant to be enjoyed and it is the teacher's responsibility to find different ways for the student to express their creativity and talent. The more a student enjoys and appreciates the gift of music, the more they will practice. Students respond in different ways to performance opportunities, styles of music, and teaching methods. The teacher must know how to teach the same curriculum in a variety of ways to ensure the growth and success of all students

Our Teachers

Why we are Different

With more than 20 years of experience in music lessons, 4 The Love of Piano provides award-winning instruction to our students. Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine.

We are the only piano studio to offer:

1.) One free CD at year's end that contains the songs learned by the student during the year

2.) Instruction on pianos, not keyboards. This allows students to learn to play soft/loud and a variety of touch.

3.) Assistance with song writing (all ages & skill levels)

4.) No sign-up/administrative fees or long term contracts

‚Äč5.) Leave the first lesson able to play a song